Parent Testimonial

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  • The staff at Little Steps have been brilliant in welcoming our boys to the new centre. The facilities and resources and great and “more fun than the old kindy” apparently! The staff are friendly and caring, and very thoughtful in their approach to education and development. We also really like the integration with the local primary school which will ease the transition when the boys start school. We couldn’t be happier with the move! (A.M)


  • Little Steps Early Learning has been on my radar since we moved to the area in December for my 4 y/o son. The director, Kath, was very responsive to my initial enquiry and kept me in the loop throughout their final approval process to open the school. The centre is moderns, fresh and even air conditioned for those hot days. The staff have been so helpful and friendly and supper accommodating when I needed to change my son’s days at the last minute. My son is very happy and is so excited to go to school in the mornings. I would highly recommend Little Steps for local families. (T.K)


  • We like to thank all the staff in LSEL for taking such good care of our child, from day one. We were confident to leave our child with LSEL because of their professionalism, their school facility is new and modern and most of all, it creates a functioning safe environment for the kids to play and learn. The most important reason for us to choose LSEL is because all the teachers are so friendly, we felt their love towards our child. (A&Q)


  • My daughter loves come to LITTLE STEPS EARLY LEARNING. The staff are conscientious and positive communication is very good with regular emails and an app: ‘EARLYWORKS’, accompanied by pictures of kids. I’ve noticed progress in my daughter and I’d like to refer LITTLE STEPS EARLY LEARNING to any of my friends! (A.W)
  • As a parent of three children, I am looking for a place that is welcoming and joyful in spirit in each of the staff members working in the centre. The first time I went to tour around the children, I experienced the tender loving care from the whole team. Mr Ally, and the lady who works in the nursery room, I can feel their love for the children. That moment, I knew, my child is safe in this place, they will look after her. She has been at Little Steps for over a month now, the teachers have helped her in settling down, talking and exploring on the areas that she enjoys. I rely on grandparents for picking her off and dropping her off. I don’t have the opportunity to talk with educators but Little Steps education systems help to close this barrier. I receive daily communications on what’s happening throughout the day, learning outcomes and observation of my children. I leave comments on the journal and daily log. Kath responded right away (at night time), that’s so responsible, I couldn’t ask for more. She would send through photos to ensure the happiness of my child and make sure her needs and parents needs have been considered and addressed promptly. I know what’s happening each day in the childcare, her friend’s name, and I can talk with her with more direct questions, rather than “how do you feel today?”, I am able to build the conversations such as, “I know you have learn about teeth, how would you brush teeth? Have you touched the teeth?” She would start telling me exactly what had happened. They have a mixed range of activities, supporting gross motor skills, emotional development, physical development and social development. The educators are really serious about setting up the best curriculum for all the children. They have encouraged them to love and care for each other. They made cakes themselves with eduactors together to celebrate their friend’s birthday. They loved cooking so much, Miss Yanni even practiced cooking at home first and then demonstrated and cooked with the kids again in the childcare. All these little things have really shown their passion and love for my children. I feel really impressed. Little Steps along the way, they have made a positive influence to my child’s life. They have planted the seeds in my child’s heart to care for each other, to explore new ideas, to make ideas real and to carry through their interested topics. Kids love trains, they introduce transportation, things around transportation, they begun to build a fire engine and aeroplane. This is really practicing learning through playing, playing contributes to learning. Thanks for looking after Rachael, although she is still shy in the morning, she is so joyful and happy when we pick her up and couldn’t stop telling us what has happened. I really and sincerely thank you and team of educators for all the efforts that have been put in. Looking forwards for the wonderful year ahead of us. (S.W)


  •  My two boys have attended LSEL for awhile and I would highly recommend it! The centre provides a very caring and nurturing environment for children. The staff are attentive and experienced and take a genuine interest in the well-being and development of the children they care for giving great feedback and advice to parents when required. Their programs incorporate children’s interests and include a diverse range of subjects that keep the children engaged and make their time at daycare fun and educational. I love that educators from different age groups know the names of the children in other age groups across the centre. (S.H)
  • LSEL definitely deserves 5 stars. My 3 year old started soon after they first opened up, and was made to feel comfortable, welcome and safe since day one! Kath the director is so informative, friendly and so respectful of our situation. Every teacher is extremely caring and my little ones comes home so happy with stories of how much she learned and how much fun she had. I couldn’t be happier choosing LSEL to care for my daughter whilst I’m away at work. (C.R)