Program & School Readiness

Our Child Care Program


The children’s learning environment is dynamic, complex and holistic. Physical, social, emotional, personal, spiritual, creative, cognitive and linguistic aspects of learning and all intricately interwoven and interrelated.

Play allows children opportunities to express their feelings, ask questions, develop social skills and test ideas. Play also encourages children to explore their personality and enhances dispositions such as curiosity.

Our educators are guided by the  Early Years Learning Framework which comprises of principles, practices and enriching each child’s learning. Fundamental to the framwork is belonging (to understand they are part of a family or community), being (understanding that they are accepted for who they are) and becoming (understanding that with life comes change).

Our educators plan and set up indoor and outdoor learning opportunities based on children’s interests, family input and detailed observations of children. These observations are collected during play experiences, project work, daily group times, spontaneous and intentional teaching moments.

Our educators reflect on and evaluate these observations and learning experiences, to extend on and plan for new and ongoing learning opportunities.

Our educators share your child’s learning (including learning stories and pictures) via a secure online interactive platform that allows families to see their child’s learning daily.

In addition, art and project work is displayed within each child’s room.

Our team welcome and encourage family and community input into our programs.

Our School Readiness


At Little Steps Early Learning we believe that supporting children to develop competencies in the following areas physical; social; emotional and cognitive development is fundamental in preparing them for their transition into primary school.

Our school readiness program includes: early numeracy skills; pre and early mathematics; early literacy including writing and storytelling communication including questioning and listening skills; Jolly Phonics, critical reflection that encourages expressing thoughts; developing positive social skills and much more.

All our activities are based on physical, cognitive, social and emotional development, those are essential ingredients of school readiness.