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Ally Silaha – Little Steps

Ally Silaha

Ally Silaha

East Lindfield Preschool Room Educational Leader


Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood)


My name is Ally, I am Little Steps East Lindfield Master Educational Leader and Pre School Room Leader.

I joined Little Steps Early Learning at East Lindfield since it opened door to families until present.


As an Early Childhood Teacher, I believe that every child has their own unique personality and learning style which has to be respected in order to fulfil the needs of each individual child.


I ensure this by incorporating cultural diversity into program and planning process. I believe it is important to embrace diversity and respect one another. To ensure that, our program enhances children’s learning and curiosity, by accounting for their interests, ideas skills and abilities.


I believe on promoting an engaging, prepared environment with meaningful curriculum which stimulates children’s senses and learning so as to incorporate community resources and organization into program in order to assist children’s knowledge of their community and becoming actively responsible citizens.