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Isabelle Hopkins – Little Steps

Isabelle Hopkins

Isabelle Hopkins

East Lindfield Toddler Room Educator


Working Towards Diploma of Early Childhood Education And Care (Birth to Five Years)


My name is Isabelle, I am East Lindfield Toddler Room Educator.


I believe in creating a safe, supportive and nurturing space for the children in my care, in

order to help them not only reach their developmental milestones, but also to be happy,

confident and successful.


This involves promoting health and well-being for the children as

they are learning every day and developing many skills. It also means enabling the children

to become independent and to develop a strong sense of identity.


I believe that it is important to respect one another’s cultural diversity and values in order to create a secure

and supportive environment. All children should become confident enough within

themselves to achieve their goals and gain a healthy level of self-esteem in order to thrive

and feel successful.