Naomi Halliday

Naomi Halliday

Epping Centre Director
02 9869 4264


20 Years Experience in Childcare Industry

Bachelor of Education (Birth to Five Years)


My name is Naomi, I am Little Steps Epping Centre Director.

As an early childhood teacher, I believe forming secure and respectful relationships are fundamental in our work with children and families. My philosophy is based on socio-cultural theory, heavily influenced by Bowlby, Bronfenbrenner and Vygotsky.


These connections offer emotional support and foster a strong sense of wellbeing.

I strongly believe in a child’s right to make choices and decisions that affect their learning and development.

It is my belief that children have the capacity to engage in the real world and that their voices must be heard.


At Little Steps we believe in creating a dynamic and flexible curriculum, that values inclusion, culture, children’s voices and community partnerships.


It is my belief that genuine partnerships in our early childhood community recognise and celebrate the diversity in Australia today and is critical to developing a sense of belonging.


Enriching and meaningful learning opportunities underpin a child’s use of play as a means to learn about and make sense of their world.

Play-based learning allows children to explore their feelings, ask questions, develop social skills and test ideas. It is my belief that the inclusion of technology can and does enrich these experiences.


I am passionate about working in early education not only to advocate for high quality care, but to positively influence children’s lives.

So many neurological pathways are mapped in the first five years of life and many foundations for future learning are laid. To be a part of such a critical time is truly amazing to me.