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Sienna Chen – Little Steps

Sienna Chen

Sienna Chen

East Lindfield Nursery Room Educational Leader


Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood and Primary)


My name is Sienna, I am Little Steps East Lindfield Nursery Room Educational Leader.

I joined Little Steps Early Learning at East Lindfield since it opened door to families until present.


As an Early Childhood Teacher, I believe deep learning can only occur when children actively construct their own understanding. Children have their agency and they are capable to lead their learning.


I will provide opportunities for children to make their own learning decisions, rather than making decisions for them. I view children as participants, decision makers and relationship builders during their learning. I believe learning occurs within a social context. The social context and social nature of learning is important for children’s development.


In practice, I will link children’s cultural background and values within the early childhood environment.I respect for all children, and believe they are active in building their sense of identity (Grieshaber, 2010).


Children have rights to develop a positive understanding of different thinking. I hope children’s understanding of diversity not only focus on different language speaking, hair colour, or background, but also develop a capacity to critically link and challenge norm biases (Sumsion, Barnes, Cheeseman, Harrison, Kennedy & Stonehouse, 2009).


I understand the power of my modeling and recognize that children are learning from me through every word and action about love, relationships, empathy, generosity, gratitude, patience, tolerance, kindness, honesty and respect.

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