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Teresa Borgese – Little Steps

Teresa Borgese

Teresa Borgese

East Lindfield Chef


Hospitality Management Commercial Cookery

Certificate III of Early Childhood Education And Care (Birth to Five Years)


My name is Teresa, I am Little Steps East Lindfield Chef.

I am a qualified Chef, have been in the Hospitality Industry for over 20 years.

Married to a Chef, Foster Parent, travelled the world & have owned successful Restaurants & Cafes throughout my Career .


I strongly believe that nutritious food has a positive effect on our children’s physical, emotional and mental well-being. I believe that by feeding our children nutrient rich meals, we are feeding their brain and building strong little bodies.


Research has shown that this has a calming effect on behaviour just by providing wholesome natural food – a plus for everyone!


Children gathering to eat and drink is also a terrific opportunity for social and language development.


My love & passion for food & the love of educating children about Healthy eating & cooking makes my job the best in the world.